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  • 20″ – 120″ (508mm – 3048mm) diameters available.
  • Push or pull applications
  • Bits are free to spin which helps to maintain gauge of bore and also reduces wear on the bits.
  • Hammers and bits are easily accessible for service work.
  • Complete service package with each tool.
  • Each LP is fitted with a group of 6” (152.4mm) class hammers and 7.88” (200mm) bits. The size of the bore will determine the number of hammers for each canister.
  • Air consumption requirements, 400-500 cfm per hammer. Example a 30” (762 mm) LP has three hammers requiring a minimum of 1200 cfm.
  • Each hammer is easily accessible, by removing the LP bolt and removing the hammer from the canister.
  • Trained technicians to assist with the startup of each LP for proper tooling techniques.
  • Service is available to our customers 24/7.