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Center rock Drills

HDD LP Drill®



Advanced engineering of Center Rock’s LP Drills provide a cost effective solution for horizontal drilling from standard diameters measuring 12″-60″ (305-1524 mm) and custom built sizes for any requirement.


  • Capable of pulling or pushing
  • Canister has built in stabilization with the canister only 1″ (25 mm) under-cutting diameter and rollers 0.25″ (6 mm) under-cutting diameter
  • Side protection carbide inserts for extended wear
  • Capable of trailing casing with swivel
  • Low vibration, no shock sub required
  • Low torque and low air requirements


Center Rock Inc.’s new HDD LP DRILL is a product that has evolved after many years of success with our LP product line. The LP product line has proven to be very efficient in drilling the hardest rock formations around the world. The drilling markets that have utilized this technology are oil & gas, foundation, mine ventilation/dewatering and mine rescue. Now, we are proud to introduce this product into the HDD market.

The HDD LP DRILL is powered by individual LP hammers packaged within the reamer canister. Each of these hammers is pneumatically powered by compressed air supplied through the drill pipe. Each hammer impacts its respective bit which pulverizes the rock into small chips/cuttings. These cuttings are then forced back through the annular area between the pilot hole and drill pipe by the supplied air.


  • Slant face bit from 4.75” to 12” (120.5–305 mm).
  • Bent sub and sonde housing available.
  • Accepts all sondes, 15” & 19” (381-482.6 mm) and Ditch Witch® transmitters.
  • Greater air flow through housing for optimal hammer performance.
  • Excellent steering in all types of rock and clay.
  • Wire-line adaptable.
  • Easily adaptable to all HDD drill rigs.
  • Smaller compressor requirements (job dependent).
  • Reduced operating cost, no drilling fluid recycling needed.
  • Typically only one GPM of drilling fluid for operation.
  • Tested and proven to operate in sands and cobbles with proper drilling fluid.
  • Rate of penetration (ROP) faster than conventional methods.

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