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Mining LP Drill®


The Mining LP drill is today’s version of the LP used for the Chilean Mine Rescue.  These tools are specially designed for angled holes, utilizing a stinger with a pilot hole to guide the Mining LP drill.  Special features have been designed into the unit to ensure applicability to the harsh, underground mining environment.  Mining LP’s are used to create “burn holes”, utility holes, ventilation, dewatering, and rescue shafts from 24″ (610 mm) and up.

  • 24″ (610 mm) and larger diameters available.
  • Push or pull applications
  • Bits are free to spin which helps to maintain gauge of bore and also reduces wear on the bits.
  • Hammers and bits are easily accessible for service work.
  • Complete service package with each tool.
  • Each LP is fitted with a group of 6” (152.4 mm) class hammers and 7.88” (200 mm) bits. The size of the bore will determine the number of hammers for each canister.
  • Air consumption requirements, 400-500 cfm per hammer. Example a 30” (762 mm) LP has three hammers requiring a minimum of 1200 cfm.
  • Each hammer is easily accessible, by removing the LP bolt and removing the hammer from the canister.
  • Trained technicians to assist with the startup of each LP for proper tooling techniques.
  • Service is available to our customers 24/7.

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