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Center Rock Drills

LP Drill®

Advanced engineering of Center Rock Inc’s LP Drills provide a cost effective solution for drilling excavation requirements up to 144″ (3658 mm) in diameter. Our drills have been used by some of the nation’s largest building, roadway, utility and mining contractors to quickly drill holes to the exact size required by their specifications.

Conventional LP and Hole Opener

Hammers fitted with button bits are positioned in a specially designed grid to ensure even cutting across the face of the hole and to promote proper flow of cuttings outward and upward into the calyx basket. For large diameter holes, a pilot shaft is drilled with a full face LP Drill, then a larger diameter hole opener opens the pilot shaft to the required diameter up to 144” (3658 mm).

Reverse Circulation (RC) LP Drill

Center Rock Inc.’s Reverse Circulation LP Drills are ideal for deep hole applications or discharge containment. We offer two styles which are capped flute recovery and center recovery. The capped flute recovery style consists of a standard LP drill with larger flutes that are capped, a seal band added to the base and interchanges, along with a shroud bolted to the top. The advantage of the flute style is the canister may be converted between reverse circulation and direct circulation mode. Alternatively, the center recover style has integrated return tubes flowing through the center of the canister, along with a built-in air/cuttings interchange for a shorter top connection. Both style RC LP Drills exhibit base recovery for full containment, can be manufactured with any pipe connection, and utilizes standard LP hammers and bits.

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