ISO 9001:2015 Certified


Wassara Water Hammers and Jet Grout Hammers


  • Safe and environmentally friendly drilling
  • Exceptional bore hole quality and accuracy
  • Cost-effective, versatile, and efficient performance

Safe and Environmentally Friendly Drilling
Wassara’s water hammers drilling technology minimizes the amount of pressure applied to the rock formation. As a result, there’s virtually no chance of disturbing surrounding and adjacent structures. The groundwater table is also not impacted in any manner.

Exceptional Bore Hole Quality and Accuracy
Wassara water hammer products produce straight and accurate bore holes. How?

  • Clearance is extremely tight between the drillstring and the hole.
  • Hydrostatic pressure of the water column ensures stability.
  • The water’s low upward velocity prevents formation of cavities. That means clean and smooth holes.

Cost-Effective, Versatile, and Efficient Performance
Since Wassara products are water-powered, drilling through water-rich formations is obviously never a problem. But, actually, Wassara hammers go effortlessly through almost any material, from boulders to wood to dense clay, easily, cost-effectively, and quickly.

Wassara water hammers consume up to 80% less energy versus most air-powered drilling systems. Our tools also last far longer due to the very low upward water velocity required.

Because only pure water is used to power our hammers – and no oil is needed for lubrication – no damaging emissions are produced. No oil gets into the groundwater; no dust gets into the air, resulting in a cleaner, safer, work environment.


Jet grouting is a ground stabilization procedure which uses the principle of high velocity injection of cement grout into the ground. Jet grouting is the only type of grouting that is capable of treating all types of soils, from clays to gravel. The technique creates in situ geometries of grouted soil, using a grouting monitor followed by a rotary drill bit, attached to the end of the drill string.

After drilling to desired depth, a grout jet with high velocity is initiated from nozzles mounted in the side of the monitor. The jets erode and mix the in situ soil as the drill string and jet grouting monitor are rotated and raised slowly, forming columns.

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