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Center rock products


DTH Hammers – Down The Hole Hammers

Center Rock offers one of the most complete lines of down the hole hammers, drills and downhole bits ranging from 3.5”–48” (89–1219mm) which are designed for peak performance in all rock drilling applications including but not limited to; foundation & geotechnical drilling, blasthole drilling in quarries & mines, waterwell & geothermal boreholes, oil & gas underbalanced drilling, horizontal directional drilling, and utility transmission & distribution rock sockets.

Center Rock’s CR line of down the hole drills

CR Hammers

Center Rock’s CR line of down the hole drills are reliable drilling workhorses that stand up to the most demanding conditions you can find. A valveless air cycle provides consistent drilling performance and reliability foot after foot and year after year. Some models are available with integrated jetted backheads as well as bit retainer systems for deep-hole drilling applications.

Center Rock Force® Hammers

Center Rock Force® Hammers

Center Rock Force® (RF) hammers feature a high efficiency and tunable valved air cycle to optimize performance on your compressor. Some models also feature a heat resistant steel valve which keeps on working even in the most demanding quarry and mining applications.

RX hammer image

Rock Xtreme® Hammers

CRI’s Rock Xtreme® (RX) line of DHD’s represent the cutting edge of rock drilling and technology. High performance, outstanding reliability, simplicity, and low operating cost are the primary features of the RX line. The low cost, tube-free, and robust RX bit will deliver unmatched reliability and life to keep you in the hole.


HDD Hammer

  • Slant face bit from 4.75”-12” (120.5-305 mm).
  • Bent sub and sonde housing available.
  • Accepts all sondes, 15”-19” (381-482.6 mm) and Ditch Witch®
  • Greater air flow through housing for optimal hammer performance.
  • Excellent steering in all types of rock and clay.
  • Wire-line adaptable.
  • Easily adaptable to all HDD drill rigs.
  • Smaller compressor requirements (job dependent).
  • Reduced operating cost, no drilling fluid recycling needed.
  • Typically only one GPM of drilling fluid for operation.
  • Tested and proven to operate in sands and cobbles with proper drilling fluid.
  • Rate of penetration (ROP) faster than conventional methods.