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Center Rock INC®Drilling Accessories

Drilling Accessories


Major development companies, roadway engineers, and colossal mining contractors across the globe turn to our LP DRILLS®. Our LP DRILLS are renowned for their low profile and precision, ensuring holes are drilled swiftly to the exacting standards demanded. With a low profile canister drill from CENTER ROCK, many important projects are completed every single year.

Skid Steer Attachment

There is a skid steer on every jobsite, so put CENTER ROCK’s new skid steer attachment to work for you. The attachment connects easily and gives you the ability to use one of CENTER ROCK’s LP DRILLS. All you need is an air compressor and you’re drilling through rock…so go ahead and get attached!

Breakout Systems

CENTER ROCK offers a specially designed breakout system for quick bit changes and easy hammer maintenance or repair, on or off site. The HYDRO-JAW® breakout machines use a heavy-duty chainlink jaw design to quickly breakout or make-up bits, DTH hammer joints, and other API tool connections to keep your operation running smoothly. Powered by a Honda 5.5 or 8 horsepower gasoline engine linked to a single-stage hydraulic pump, the HYDRO-JAW is portable and easily moved around the jobsite. It is designed to safely operate in the horizontal or vertical position. A lifting eye and forklift slots make it easy to load and unload. Electric units are also available in 230 volt single phase and 230 or 480 volt 3 phase. Both units run quieter, with no exhaust fumes and with less vibration than the gas or diesel models. With its excellent power and adjustability, the HYDRO-JAW is ideal for breakout / makeup in a wide range of drilling applications.

Oil Injection Systems

The oil injection system is a self-contained, air-actuated positive displacement system. It comes equipped with either a 7 gallon (3.8 liter) reservoir with sight glass infinitely variable from 0-1 GPH (0 – 3.8 LPH) or a 22 gallon (83.2 liter) reservoir with sight glass infinitely variable from 0-4 GPH (0-15 LPH).

The biodegradable rock drill oil meets all EPA standards for biodegradability. Available in 55-gallon (208.2 liter) drums and five gallon (18.9 liter) buckets.

Water Injection Systems

Ideal system for dust control. This unit is equipped with a 14.5 HP drive engine and a triple piston pump that puts out 3 to 22 GPM (11.4 – 83.3 LPH). Complete with electric start, mounted in a guarded frame, a winterizing kit, and supplied with 1.5″ (38 mm) inlet and 1″ (25 mm) discharge hose.


Hammer Honey

CRI® HAMMER HONEY® is a specially formulated premium rock drill oil. HAMMER HONEY provides a great balance of tackifiers, emulsibility, and corrosion protection that makes it uniquely suited to demanding down-the-hole applications. But that’s not all, HAMMER HONEY’s unique extreme-pressure additives prevents steel-onsteel galling and burning of hammer parts and bits that can lead to catastrophic failure. CRI stands behind any CRI hammer part that fails from a frictional-induced crack when using HAMMER HONEY.

Hammer Honey ECO®

All the unique features and benefits of our standard HAMMER HONEY® Rock Drill Oil — but biodegradable, too!

Soap Houses

Soaphouses & Misthouses include:

  • Standard size – 8′ x 25′, customized to your needs
  • Approximately 22,000 lbs
  • 30 HP variable speed drive motor
  • Mounted on a self-draining oil mud boat skid
  • High volume load/mix pump
  • Recessed interior/exterior fluorescent lighting
  • Recessed inlet & discharge ports
  • Gravity fill port
  • Soap & water replaceable holding tanks
  • Two 5 gallon slug tanks
  • Easy accessibility through the back doors
  • Water resistant electrical boxes
  • 480V 3 phase supply voltage
  • 480V Heater
  • Port for loading/unloading tanks
  • Oil injection system available
  • All components can be sized to your exact needs

Dog Houses

Dog House services include:

  • All components can be sized to your exact needs
  • Mounted on a self-draining oil field mud boat skid
  • Recessed interior/exterior fluorescent lighting
  • 480V Heater
  • Lockers
  • Knowledge Box
  • Workbenches

Mist Pumps

Mist Pump includes:

  • All components can be sized to your exact needs
  • Standard – 7′ x 14′ skid, customized
  • On board fuel and slug tanks
  • Two open top removable tanks
  • Air cooled diesel engine
  • Gear driven pump

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