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Rock Drilling Products


Center Rock manufacturers a full line of air rock drilling tools and accessories including our Down the Hole (DTH) hammers and bits from 3.5″ to 48″ (89-1219 mm) diameter, casing advancing overburden drilling systems, and are a leading global manufacturer/supplier of the CRI Standard, Reverse Circulation, HDD and Utility multi-hammer LP Cluster Drills.  Coupled with outstanding service, Center Rock is a one stop rock drilling shop capable of supplying the tools for your rock drilling requirements. .


Underground construction technology/utility/horizontal drilling can be a challenge and the Low Profile (LP) Drill Series from Center Rock is up to the task. The advanced engineering of the drills provides a cost effective solution for rock drilling and excavation requirements up to 144″ (3657.6 mm) in diameter. Our drills have been used by some of the nation’s largest building, roadway, and mining contractors to quickly drill holes to the exact size required by their specifications.

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ROTO LOC® Underreamer

ROTO LOC® is an overburden rock drilling system for casing advancement, developed by Center Rock, Inc. With wings that lock in place and are easily retractable, ROTO LOC® is able to drill straight, full diameter holes through any formation, including pinnacle limestone and karst. ROTO LOC® saves you money because there isn’t any expensive starter casing J-teeth or ring bits needed.

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Down the Hole Hammers

Center Rock offers one of the most complete lines of down the hole drills and downhole bits ranging from 3.5” – 48” (89mm – 1219mm) which are designed for peak performance in all rock drilling applications including but not limited to; foundation & geotechnical drilling, blasthole drilling in quarries & mines, waterwell & geothermal boreholes, oil & gas underbalanced drilling, horizontal directional drilling, and utility transmission & distribution rock sockets.

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Wassara Water Hammers

Center Rock is an exclusive North American distributor for Wassara water hammers. Wassara technology uses water to power the hammer.  This makes it the ideal choice for most drilling applications in ground engineering – for drilling in sensitive areas as well as for drilling long straight holes.  The water-powered DTH hammer is capable of penetrating any formation such as; hard rock, boulders, concrete, limestone, granite, till, water-rich formations and dense clay while maintaining speed and straightness.  The jet grouting hammer also enables jet grouting in one single pass.

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Rock Drilling Bits

Nothing is more important to drilling success than drill bits that cut straight and fast through all types of rock. That’s why we offer our customers the best value in rock drilling bits. 

Center Rock has a full range of face designs, button configurations, and shank styles in many sizes up to a 48″ (1219 mm) head to match the application and rock they are drilling in.

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Product Accessories

Center Rock also provides a whole line of accessories to complement our product offerings including: Hydro-Jaw® 1200 or 2400 series breakout / make-up systems, water and oil injection systems, Hammer Honey and Hammer Honey Eco rock drill oil, customized mobile work shops, soap houses, dog houses and mist houses.

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