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ROTO LOC® is an overburden drilling system for casing advancement, developed by Center Rock, Inc. With wings that lock in place and are easily retractable, ROTO LOC® is able to drill straight, full diameter holes through any formation, including pinnacle limestone and karst. ROTO LOC® saves you money because there isn’t any expensive starter casing J-teeth or ring bits needed.

Key Features:

  • Wings lock in place to cut full diameter through any formation.
  • No expensive starter casing teeth/ring bit left in hole.
  • Straight holes in pinnacle limestone and karst formations eliminating bent or broken casing.
  • Easily retractable wings compared to other overburden drilling systems.
  • Positive locking wings can be used to hold/pull casing back.
  • Rotary lockout feature ensures full-size hole for greatly reducing casing friction.

Download ROTO LOC Specs

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