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About Us

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At CENTER ROCK INC.®, our priority is to get you down the hole safely, productively, and efficiently. We make and distribute a complete line of air-drilling tools, services, and accessories. Leading global drilling, oil-and-gas, construction, mining, and foundation contractors trust us for optimum performance, even in the most challenging operating conditions. CENTER ROCK was founded in 1998 by Brandon Fisher, a former Ingersoll-Rand sales rep for the East Coast. Fisher knew the drilling industry lacked a product provider that could also quickly react to customer on-site needs. In other words, he built us as a servicing manufacturer. “We’re always looking for the next best way to drill into the earth – and that ongoing search fuels my excitement,” claims Fisher. President & CEO Dave Pietrzykowski (Dave P) says; “Challenge us and you will be pleasantly surprised with how rapidly we can respond when it comes to designing, manufacturing, and delivering quality drill bits, downhole drills, accessories, and other specialty drilling products. More and more drillers are choosing CENTER ROCK products to help get the job done right.” Richard Soppe, our Sales and R&D Manager for Downhole Drilling Products, has more than 35 years of genuine drilling experience, including major projects such as the world’s first and second live lake taps (20’-diameter shafts, 100’-deep under 250’ of water). He also worked extensively on the Alaskan Pipeline and the Beaver Dam in Arkansas, overcoming the longest, deepest, hardest rock overlapping pile secant wall ever undertaken. Rudy Lyon, Lead Product Designer for CENTER ROCK, drives our Rock Drilling research, design, development, marketing, and operations activities. He holds numerous downhole and water-powered rock drilling patents. Warren Lay, our Design Engineer, has more than a quarter of a century of actual drilling expertise. Breakthrough innovation, Superior products and services. Outstanding technical support. Genuine drilling expertise. Delivering the ultimate impact: CENTER ROCK!