ISO 9001:2015 Certified
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Rock Xtreme Hammers ®

Center Rock’s Rock Xtreme® bits and hammers deliver indisputable performance and profitability in even the most challenging operating conditions.

Key Features:

  • A variable timing valve makes the RX60 tunable to maximize productivity with your compressor.
  • These high frequency rock hammers create an extremely smooth low-vibration reaction on the drill rig minimizing downtime due to vibration related failures.
  • Short, lightweight, and simple makes the hammers easy to handle and service.
  • A sacrificial chuck sleeve reduces direct wear on the chuck keeping operating costs low.
  • Bit retainer rings are integrated into a unique three- piece chuck simplifying construction.
  • The unique RX shank design packs 50% more shank area than a QL6 bit.

Download Rock Xtreme Specs

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