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Industries Served

Industries We Proudly Serve

Industries We Serve with Air Drilling Products

Center Rock INC.® Serves These Industries

CENTER ROCK manufactures and distributes a complete line of air-drilling tools and products worldwide. We proudly serve the construction, foundation drilling, oil and gas, water well/blast hole, mining/quarry, geothermal and utility industries.

down the hole hammers for oil and gas industry

Oil & Gas Drilling

Since day one, CENTER ROCK has served the Oil and Gas industry with quality down-the-hole hammers and bits ranging from 3.5″–48″ (89–1219mm) and specifically designed to meet the rugged demands of deep hole drilling.  With available on-site support, a consultative approach and 24/7 customer support, CENTER ROCK is the Oil and Gas supplier of choice.  From jet-subs to diamond enhanced carbide bits to HYDRO-JAW® breakout / make-up systems, we have a tailored solution for any Oil and Gas drilling application.

air drilling tools and products for construction


CENTER ROCK serves the global construction industry by designing, manufacturing, and distributing a complete line of air drilling tools and products including down-the-hole hammers & bits from 3.5”-48” (89–1219 mm) in diameter, LP® canister drills and hole-openers (conventional and reverse circulation) from 24”-144” (610–3658 mm), ROTO LOC® underreamer systems for casing advancement, and other support equipment such as water injection systems, oil injection systems, air manifolds, and HYDRO-JAW® breakout / make-up systems.
Water Well & Geothermal down-the-hole hammers

Water Well & Geothermal

CENTER ROCK designs and manufactures down-the-hole hammers from 3.5″-22″ (89-560 mm) and DTH button bits up to 48″ (1219 mm) with various shanks, face styles, and carbide button configurations. For waterwell drillers, we offer 3 lines of hammers; the valveless CR line, the valved CENTER ROCK FORCE® (RF) (both utilize QL shank bits), and the ROCK XTREME® (RX) line. The RX offering is the newest, valved, high frequency hammer developed by CENTER ROCK with it’s own bit shank design and no blow tube. CENTER ROCK has also designed a unique underreamer overburden drilling system, called ROTO LOC®, that drills and simultaneously advances casing.
DTH hammers and bits for mining

Mining & Quarry

When it comes to drilling blast holes, CENTER ROCK has a complete product portfolio of innovative tools and accessories to satisfy any surface or underground application requirement.  We have DTH hammers and bits that will drill 3.5″ – 48″ (89-1219mm) blast holes.  Also available is our Mining LP Canister Drill, 20″ (508mm) and larger, for drilling utility/ventilation holes, burn holes, etc.  These mining LP DRILLs® are perfectly suited to drill either up, down or any inclination, from vertical to horizontal, in an underground mining environment.
down-the-hole percussion drilling tools

Deep Geothermal

CENTER ROCK designs, manufactures, and services high-performance down-the-hole percussion drilling tools, bits, and compression equipment for routine and challenging deep thermal drilling projects.

mono-hammer utility pole drill

Utility and HDD

CENTER ROCK provides state-of-the-art drilling products to support the utility industry. Our mono-hammer utility pole drill offerings range from 3.5”-24” (89–610 mm) and include hex connection, side inlet swivel, and all ancillary items. Additionally, only CENTER ROCK offers Utility LP DRILL® canister style drills 18” (457 mm) and larger and HDD LP canister style drills 12” (305 mm) and larger. Multi-hammer canister style Utility LP Drills boast lightweight construction, low vibration and low air requirements which will ensure success in any drilling condition and are perfectly suited for mounting on any digger derrick unit.

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