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Industries Served

Water Well & Geothermal

Waterwell Drilling & Geothermal

CENTER ROCK INC.® designs and manufactures DTH hammers from 3.5″ to 22″ (89mm – 560mm) and DTH button bits up to 48″ (1219mm) with various shanks, face styles, and carbide button configurations. For waterwell drilling, we offer 3 lines of hammers; the valveless CR line, the valved CENTER ROCK FORCE® (RF) (both utilize QL shank bits), and the ROCK XTREME® (RX) line. The RX offering is the newest, valved, high frequency hammer developed by CENTER ROCK with it’s own bit shank design and no blow tube. CENTER ROCK has also designed a unique underreamer overburden drilling system, called ROTO LOC®, that drills and simultaneously advances casing.

Products and services include:

  • State of the art, high performance down-the-hole hammers.
  • Proven bit technology to ensure maximum production and reliability.
  • Consult on drilling solutions and techniques.
  • In-house and on-site training engineers.

Applicable products and services:

  • CR Series Valveless Hammers
  • High Quality Hammer Bits
  • ROTO LOC® Under Reaming Systems
  • Drill Pipe
  • Custom Drill String Components
  • Portable Compressors
  • Oil Injection Systems
  • Water Injection System
  • Hydro-JAW® Breakout Systems
  • Hammer and Bit Service and Repair
  • On-Site Consulting/Training