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Low Profile Canister Drills

Our low profile canister drills have been used by some of the nation’s largest building, roadway, and mining contractors to quickly drill holes to the exact size required by their specifications.


The Center Rock Low Profile Cluster Drill features a group of individual 6″ (152 mm) class low volume down the hole air hammers, each impacting a 7.875″ (200 mm) self-rotating rock hammer bit. The LP DRILL® is designed for drilling soft to extremely hard rock formations.

We custom fabricate each LP DRILL® to match the specifications of our customers up to 144″ (3658 mm) in diameter.

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Center Rock Inc.’s new HDD LP DRILL is a product that has evolved after many years of success with our LP product line. The LP product line has proven to be very efficient in drilling the hardest rock formations around the world. The drilling markets that have utilized this technology are oil & gas, foundation, mine ventilation/dewatering and mine rescue. Now, we are proud to introduce this product into the HDD market.

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Advanced engineering of Center Rock Inc.’s LP Drills provide a cost effective solution for drilling utility/pole holes 18″ (457 mm) and larger sizes for any requirement.

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Mining Low Profile Canister Drills are used to create “burn holes”, utility holes, ventilation, dewatering, and rescue shafts from 24” (610 mm) and larger.

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LP Breakout Stand

Center Rock offers a specially designed breakout stand for quick bit changes and easy hammer maintenance or repair, on or off site.

  • Breakout Stand
  • Toolbox with complete set of tools

Water Injection System

Ideal system for dust control. This unit is equipped with a 14.5 HP drive engine and a triple piston pump that puts out 3 to 22 GPM (11.4-83.3 LPH). Complete with electric start, mounted in a guarded frame, a winterizing kit, and supplied with 1.5” (38 mm) inlet and 1” (25 mm) discharge hose.

Ratchet Attachment

The ratchet attachment is used to supply the LP DRILL® with air when the drill rig is not equipped with air inlet. The ratchet is equipped with the LP’s matting bolt flange, shoulder to shoulder lengths of 22” to 60” (559 mm-1524 mm) (and easily adapts to most Kelly Boxes. To operate, the drill will rotate 360⁰ one direction and 360⁰ the opposite direction.

Oil Injection System

The oil injection system is a self-contained, air-actuated positive displacement system. It comes equipped with either a 7 gallon (3.8 liter) reservoir with sight glass infinitely variable from 0-1 GPH (0-3.8 LPH) or a 22 gallon (83.2 liter) reservoir with sight glass infinitely variable from 0-4 GPH (0-15 LPH).

The biodegradable rock drill oil meets all EPA standards for biodegradability. Available in 55 gallon (208.2 liter) drums and five gallon (18.92 liter) buckets.

1450/200 Air Compressor

For sale or rent, air compressors are ideal for running multi-hammer LP DRILLS®. 1450 CFM (41,059 LM) at 200 psi (13.8 bars).

Air Manifold

The air manifold connects multiple compressors to a single airline. This manifold is equipped with two 4” (102 mm) and five 3” (76 mm) inlets, two 1” (25 mm) and three .25” (6.35 mm) auxiliary ports, and one 4” (102 mm) outlet.