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utility lp drill®

center rock inc's® lp drills

Utility Pole Drill

Our utility pole drill is designed to be used on digger derrick trucks or other standard mountings for drilling utility pole holes.

We designed the Utility LP DRILL with special consideration given to the weight and air consumption of an utility LP to ensure applicability to the currently available mountings.

Our Utility LP DRILL is significantly lighter than competitive mono-hammer pole drills, and they also consume noticeably less air, resulting in enhanced penetration rates. Also noteworthy on this utility pole drill is the use of multiple, lower-cost, smaller bits, compared to the expensive large-diameter bits used on mono-hammer pole drills. Offered with a side inlet swivel attachment and optional extension rod, the Utility LP DRILL is the perfect choice for utility pole hard rock sockets from 18″ and larger (457mm).

Utility LP DRILLs Features & Benefits

  • Pin together hex connections
  • Meets low headroom demands, LP measures 46″ (1168 mm) shoulder-to-shoulder
  • Lightweight construction for easier lifting and handling
  • Low vibration, no shock sub required
  • Low air requirements, minimum 825 CFM (23 cubic meters)
  • Canister is only 1″ (25 mm) under cutting diameter of bits for better stabilization and to maintain up-hole velocity
  • Canister extension for appropriate hole flushing at deeper depths

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