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Breakout Systems

Center Rock offers a specially designed breakout system for quick bit changes and easy hammer maintenance or repair, on or off site.

The Hydro-Jaw® breakout machines use a heavy-duty chainlink jaw design to quickly breakout or make-up bits, DTH hammer joints, and other API tool connections to keep your operation running smoothly. Powered by a Honda 5.5 or 8 horsepower gasoline engine linked to a single-stage hydraulic pump, the Hydro-Jaw® is portable and easily moved around the jobsite. It is designed to safely operate in the horizontal or vertical position. A lifting eye and forklift slots make it easy to load and unload. Electric units are also available in 230 volt single phase and 230 or 480 volt 3 phase. Both units run quieter, with no exhaust fumes and with less vibration than the gas or diesel models. With its excellent power and adjustability, the Hydro-Jaw® is ideal for breakout / makeup in a wide range of drilling applications.

Oil Injection Systems

The oil injection system is a self-contained, air-actuated positive displacement system. It comes equipped with either a 7 gallon (3.8 liter) reservoir with sight glass infinitely variable from 0-1 GPH (0 – 3.8 LPH) or a 22 gallon (83.2 liter) reservoir with sight glass infinitely variable from 0-4 GPH (0-15 LPH).

The biodegradable rock drill oil meets all EPA standards for biodegradability. Available in 55-gallon (208.2 liter) drums and five gallon (18.9 liter) buckets.

Water Injection Systems

Ideal system for dust control. This unit is equipped with a 14.5 HP drive engine and a triple piston pump that puts out 3 to 22 GPM (11.4 – 83.3 LPH). Complete with electric start, mounted in a guarded frame, a winterizing kit, and supplied with 1.5″ (38 mm) inlet and 1″ (25 mm) discharge hose.

Hammer Honey®

CRI Hammer Honey® is a specially formulated premium rock drill oil. Hammer Honey® provides a great balance of tackifiers, emulsibility, and corrosion protection that makes it uniquely suited to demanding down-the-hole applications. But that’s not all, Hammer Honey’s unique extreme-pressure additives prevents steel-onsteel galling and burning of hammer parts and bits that can lead to catastrophic failure. CRI stands behind any CRI hammer part that fails from a frictional-induced crack when using Hammer Honey®.

Hammer Honey® ECO

All the unique features and benefits of our standard Hammer Honey® Rock Drill Oil — but biodegradable, too!

Soap Houses

Soaphouses & Misthouses include:

  • Standard size – 8′ x 25′, customized to your needs
  • Approximately 22,000 lbs
  • 30 HP variable speed drive motor
  • Mounted on a self-draining oil mud boat skid
  • High volume load/mix pump
  • Recessed interior/exterior fluorescent lighting
  • Recessed inlet & discharge ports
  • Gravity fill port
  • Soap & water replaceable holding tanks
  • Two 5 gallon slug tanks
  • Easy accessibility through the back doors
  • Water resistant electrical boxes
  • 480V 3 phase supply voltage
  • 480V Heater
  • Port for loading/unloading tanks
  • Oil injection system available
  • All components can be sized to your exact needs

Dog Houses

Dog House services include:

  • All components can be sized to your exact needs
  • Mounted on a self-draining oil field mud boat skid
  • Recessed interior/exterior fluorescent lighting
  • 480V Heater
  • Lockers
  • Knowledge Box
  • Workbenches

Mist Pumps

Mist Pump includes:

  • All components can be sized to your exact needs
  • Standard – 7′ x 14′ skid, customized
  • On board fuel and slug tanks
  • Two open top removable tanks
  • Air cooled diesel engine
  • Gear driven pump